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Diane and Kory During a Triathlon with text "Leading for the Long Run"

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  • Motivation: Where does it come from?

    Training for any distance of triathlon takes dedication, commitment—and most of all—motivation. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not roll out of bed in the morning, leap to my feet and run downstairs to the…

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  • August Book of the Month

    How Bad Do You Want It? Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle By Matt Fitzgerald 2016 This book is focused on endurance athletes. It examines how professional and elite athletes have pushed themselves to…

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  • June Leadership Book of the Month

    The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy Lewis Howes, 2015 This book is simply fantastic! Lewis Howes provides not only information about leadership, he gives the…

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  • Do What Challenges Not What is Easy

    Why is it that we always seem to be looking for the easy way out? How many times have you thought to yourself “If I could just win a few million dollars I would…”. This…

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  • The Bergeron Method of Goal Setting

    Often people decide to set goals that they never get to reach because they haven’t determined what success looks like. Setting a goal like “getting healthy” is difficult to reach if you don’t include a…

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  • Leadership Book of the Month

    Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager: Gain the mindset and skillset to get what you need to succeed. By Kenneth H. Blanchard, Susan Fowler, and Laurence Hawkins Published: 2017 I really enjoyed this book!…

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  • Blind Triathlete…How Does That Work Anyways???

    When I tell people I am a blind triathlete, the inevitable question is: How does a blind person do triathlon? The answer is, “Very carefully.” Interestingly, the things that a blind person needs to do…

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  • Journey to Ironman Mont Tremblant

    I’m not a pro athlete, coach, or nutritionist, which makes me wonder why anyone would want to read what I had to say. But, I realized there must be people out there just like me:…

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